Monday, September 23, 2013



There once was a doggie named Ari
A ball in his mouth he did carry
To play keep-away
Was his Game of the Day
Indeed,  it made him most merry!

(c) M Sue  9-23-13

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Little lizard on the ground,
You crawl around and make no sound;
But you must leave a scent-filled trail,
'Cause my doggie does not fail
To sniff and snuff until her snout
Has found success and searched you out.
And then, oh, boy, the games begin!
She chases you outside and in -
You climb the fence, and she jumps up -
She's such a happy, busy pup.
You scurry up, then down you run,
To her the chase is a game of fun.
To you, it must be another thing;
Do you have little ears that ring?
A heart that beats out such a clatter,
A bird flies by, asks, "What’s the matter?"
Sees the doggie give full chase -
Decides to buzz doggie in the face -
When that deed’s done flies back to munch
Upon the lovely lizard lunch!
While doggie’s jumping up and down  
Wearing an unhappy frown.

© M Sue 9-14-2013