Tuesday, October 22, 2013


    Three months ago yesterday, John E. Moore, my husband, and I officially adopted this wonderful little boy named Ari Daneil. He is just the right size to tuck under my left arm, right up against my rib cage and (you guessed it!) my heart. There was no question about his winning either heart, that of John's or mine, from the first photo we saw of him on the PetFinder website, so any pet lover can just imagine what three months in our home has done for both us and him. 
    He has had his vet visits, received his official city tag, been to the groomer we've used for years for our sweet Missy, and had a doggie-sitter come in when we were gone one long day.  He and the doggie-sitter are used to one another because she and we swap doggie-care.  She knows every one of our concerns about Ari because she's heard them "forty-leven" times over! <smile> She, too is a dog-lover so she understands my every little worry, has seen and respectfully admired each effort we have made to keep our little guy safe. 
     If I do not respond as quickly as Ari thinks I ought upon his arrival by my side in the morning,  I am greeted by a long-legged, sweet good morning swat in my face from this 6-pound, 6-year-old smiling-faced doggie. Following that, I get a very special, extremely loud, "I loo-vve yooo-uuuu!!!" in a doggie sing-song, so I sing along unless John happens to have been able to sleep through the previous moment's activities!  And that is the start of another happy day, the beginning of what we hope will be many more years together with Ari and Missy at Westwind House. 
M. Sue