Friday, December 1, 2017


Once again, it has come to our attention that many people still wonder regarding the sign/name on our house and cards, so:


Due to our English heritage and our Yorkie love we wanted to have a sign designating our house name.
One summer when my brother Linc, was here, he asked, "Why Westwind House?"
I explained that when we were in England we learned that people named their houses and put signs on them to show the names.
We liked the idea.

When we got Tray in 1982 in Caribou, Maine, we gave her the official name of
because we lived on Westwind Drive, because it sounded right, because I liked Brindle, and because I had always wanted my own Little Doggie Tray.
(I first heard about Little Doggy Tray from a book that my mom used to read to me every night, at my persistent request, when I was 3 -5 years old, It was about a Scottie Dog Family "dressed to the nines" in their kilts and tammy hats.)

From then on every place we lived became Westwind House.
My personally created cross-stitch designs were under the name
"Westwind House Design".
Following that I started creating computer-generated greeting cards so the backs had to include "Westwind House".

After Tray we had Tanner and named him TANNER BOY OF WESTWIND HOUSE.
Tanner's illness and early demise left us with the beautiful gift of "Therapy Dog" Max (whom we lost at age 13 in August 2011). 

When Linc learned the answer to his question, he determined he must make that much-desired sign for us.
It arrived here on December 18th, 2007, and our son Chip helped set it in place on January 1, 2008.

Because Max was already named when he was given to us, his official name of Maxwell, A Little Boy Blue, did not include a Westwind reference, but he was very much a part of what made a house a home.  He is sorely missed

After Tanner left us, Missy (SUE'S SERENDIPITY OF WESTWIND), a rescued Silky/Yorkie, now  13 years old, was added to our family the last day of February in 2008. When sweet Max passed, we waited a while, the found Ari Daneil. Having already been given such a regal name that means “Little Lion” it became enough that he be titled “Little Lion of Westwind House”!

We are most thankful for the presence of these two as they, we, and the entire Westwind House family, friendships, and memories continue to grow.








                        JANUARY 1, 1998

Sunday, May 7, 2017


A picture or two,
I try to get, 
But do you know what?
She turns away -
My pretty pet.

Then there came a day
she chose to pose -
All wrapped in the quilt -
except her tail and nose!  

(c) M Sue

Monday, February 13, 2017


The Doggies discuss things from their points of view:
What can we do? What can we say? 
It’s been kinda so-so around here today . . .
A long spell of boredom has hit House of Moore
Yet, fleet feet we doggies still race to the door.
The energy level for humans and such
Seems missing a notch or two - just a touch,
Until you compare it to us doggies times two,
Who really delight in the game of “Now who?”
Yes! Who will we ask to let us out of the door?
One first, then the other - surely not more!
Both at once would mean human exercise would be nil -
And we don’t want our people over the hill!
So, Missy, it’s your turn, then it’ll be mine.
We’ll keep asking ‘til bedtime – ‘til then t’wil be fine.
First he gets a turn, then she‘ll get one, too;
Oh, don’t you know they’ll be happy to do
All that they can to help you and me
To stay happy and healthy
As we run outside to pee?
Then it’s my turn again before we quit this game
Until tomorrow when we start all over again  -
As soon as we see them each sit in a chair
With plans of their own for going nowhere!
We’ll show them they’re really folks of great wealth,
With personal trainers overseeing their health,
As we make sure they sit in their chairs none too long,
By each taking their turns to answer our song
That tells them we have to go outside right soon
To join the doggie chorus and howl at the moon.
To exercise gently as bedtime draws near,
Then it’s inside to sleep as dreams of tomorrow appear
When once again we can start a new game
And give them a chance to call out our name
As inside they tell us to they want us to be
Where, for a while we can cuddle and be their company
Then soon our game starts all over with, “Who?
Who gets the first turn to tend doggies times two?”

M Sue